Mac and Jack went to Prom with different people but ended up spending the entire evening together – talking and laughing. They spent their summer before college having the time of their lives, together… talking, laughing and loving. Then they went off to college – with everyone saying “No, don’t go to college in a relationship” and “This is a bad idea”. Hearing their story, all of their stories, on their wedding day was one of my favorite parts of the whole summer. Mac and Jack now live together in Seattle – TOGETHER. Talking, laughing and loving – just like when they started.

Lori Skoog

beautiful photographs of a perfect day. Everything about it was unforgettable. Especially loved the photo of you putting on your earrings (and about 25 others). congratulations to you and your family…you all have a very special style.

Laura Kamburelis

Absolutely THE MOST beautiful wedding EVER!

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