THIS DAY. I am still speechless about the beauty that completes this day – especially the love of Laura and Nate. I absolutely adore these two and knew it immediately following their engagement session. Not long after that session Laura BROKE HER LEG. Nate told her that if she couldn’t walk down the aisle to him, he would walk down the aisle to her. (Swoon). Can we all be extremely impressed that Laura not only walked down the aisle to her now husband on their wedding day but also danced the night away – only TWO MONTHS after she broke her leg?! I know, guys. Laura is incredible. Don’t worry, Nate is just as incredible. On their wedding website, Nate wrote the story of their love and I am too sappy to keep it to myself.. so here, enjoy this gorgeous story from Nate’s point of view:

Laura and Nate met on the fifth floor of the dental school library. It was a miserable summer studying for their dental board examination. Nate studied at a big table in the library that was in a quiet corner. That corner remained quiet until two of Laura’s roommates started studying with Nate. Laura joined the study group and that is when the summer got better.

Laura’s roommate’s knew Laura and Nate were hitting it off when Laura asked one day after studying, “Is Nate our new best friend?” . Laura was shy at first but came out of her shell when she had a great idea to invite Nate over to help her make mint juleps after everyone finished the dental boards.
That was about the time Laura and Nate found out they had a passion for cooking but were even better at mixing drinks.

Their fling blossomed into romance and they planned on going to their dental externship site together. In Arizona they lived together and treated patients on the Navaho reservation. Laura had a great sense of adventure and Nate wanted to explore more with her.

Nate invited Laura to Sugarloaf Mountain to go skiing; this would be the ultimate test. For Laura this was one of the most difficult tests. The first few times she was very scared but she was determined to become a skier. With every new trail she could ski Nate knew she was the one.

After graduating and moving to Maine, the couple started searching for a house to buy. They settled on a comfy home in Portland. They made a really good team when it came to searching, and it showed when they argued over the type of kitchen, Nate’s ideal bathroom to bedroom ratio, and should they have a garage. Nate and Laura were no longer individuals; they became an amalgamation of each other’s strengths and weakness that complimented each other perfectly.

Nate knew at that point there was a special ring out there that he knew Laura needed. After little debate he had the perfect one picked out. On January 23rd, 2016, Nate picked the coldest day to propose to Laura on the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. There were no tears of happiness shed on that day because they turned to icicles. Nate told Laura there was no better place to get engaged then the top of the mountain.

The rest has been history. Laura and Nate are looking forward to celebrating this momentous occasion with their family and friends and creating many more years of happiness and memories.

And then, on June 17th – in front of all their best friends and family – the two were married at The Barn at Flanagan Farm. I’m obsessed and I wish they were getting married again next year.

Photographer: Jenn from Darling Photography | Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Barn at Flanagan Farm | Food Trucks: Urban Sugar Cafe, Fire & Co | Hair and Makeup: Salon Meraki (Mandy & Camden) | DJ: M&M Entertainment | Design + Florals: Lani Toscano Designs | Dress: BHLDN | Groom Attire: Men’s Wearhouse | Bowties: Bowline Co | Tables: Heartwood Essentials | Rentals: One Stop Event Rentals


Amazing! Thanks for capturing their day so perfectly!

Cheryl Oakes

OMG, you captured their wonderful Wedding day perfectly. It is wonderful to be able to see all the smiles and good friends!


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