I’ve been friends with Lex since we connected through photography and shortly after we met she let me photograph her for the first time. When Lex was pregnant I was so excited to continue photographing her and her growing family – she even gave birth to sweet baby O on my son’s birthday! (Also, it’s obviously O’s birthday too). Although she and her family live in Massachusetts, she always makes the trek to my studio for photos when I have dreamy visions. This session is a really good visual on showing how specific color palettes work on film (and even digital) photographs. I love the softness of the color palettes we chose but I also adore the colorful look with Little O being in pinks and yellow! The Darling Studio also offers wardrobe choices for women & kiddos (and it’s growing!) if you can’t choose or want to come try things on before session day. You can also save money on a new dress you may only wear once! Also, as always, dogs are 100% allowed at the studio.


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