I’ve known Allyson for ten years, we met during my final year of college and I’m so lucky to have stayed in touch with her. When I was first starting my photography journey, Allyson would model for me and let me practice on her – so she’s no stranger to being in front of my camera. She would always tell me: “When I meet him, I’m calling you”. In comes Jeremy – like a knight in shining armor. Unfortunately I was already booked on their wedding date but I’m really excited to have launched the new Darling Associate Program so they’ve got Lex photographing their amazing day and they’re still a part of the Darling Tribe! Lex is due with her first baby any day now so I had the pleasure of photographing Allyson and Jeremy’s winter engagement session.

As a photographer (and especially in Maine) my job consists of a lot of weather checking. Allyson and I were hoping for a few things: warm-ish weather (maybe 30-40 degrees?!), snow the day of/before (for snowy trees!) and beautiful light. Their session delivered on two out of three but honestly, they were the most important ;) It snowed on Thursday and the trees still had some beautiful snowy limbs, the sun was INSANE and made my heart explode….. and it was 11 degrees. ELEVEN. I had a jacket on, so I was totally fine (other than my hands that were bare.. but I can’t complain). Allyson owned that beautiful Rent The Runway dress like a CHAMP and never complained once. We did our best to keep her snuggled in a blanket or in Jeremy’s arms when possible, though. And can we talk about Jeremy for a minute? He’s a freaking comedian so if you’re wondering why Allyson never stops laughing: now you know. ;) He dressed his best, too (which is truly my favorite thing – when clients really dress up for their engagement sessions!) and Allyson donned LL Bean boots because : Maine. Also, Allyson did her own hair and make up which is totally on point (can she come do mine on the daily?) And a HUGE shout out to the team over at Evergreen Wedding Chapel who let us use their property. I need to shoot a wedding here so call me if you’re planning one ;)

Allyson and Jeremy, I am so excited to have you as a Darling Couple and I had so much fun at your engagement session. I know you’re going to have the best day ever come August and I hope you love these images as much as I do. ;) Love, Your Favorite Maine Photographer.

Gordon D. Dempster

You absolutely nailed it with these photos of my Beautiful Daughter and her fiancee. I am literally in tears right now. Your intro. was also on point. You did an awesome job here. Thank You.

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