Sweet Baby P came back to visit me (I’ve been a part of his parents life since they were engaged!) for his sitter session a couple weeks ago. I loved being able to snuggle him at the studio and photograph his amazing hair. I also love being able to photograph mothers with their babies because, as a mom, I can attest to the fact that we are NEVER in the photos. We’re the ones trying to capture the cute things our kids do, say, the sweet moments between the other parent and the kids. Ladies – am I right? Motherhood is incredible and we deserve to be in the photo. My mom has a photo on her fridge from when I was SO little – it’s a simple image of us on Halloween, I think, and my mom is wearing a jumper. She hates photos of herself (again, ladies – don’t we all?) but every time she looks at that photo she mentions how much she loves it. I can guarantee that when my Dad took that photo she HATED it. Granted, she had to wait a week or two to actually see the photo ;) but the photographs you don’t love now will be treasures you hold on to for years to come. Mamas, you deserve to be photographed. Even if you don’t really want to be TODAY. Do it anyway.

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