Incoming Message from Zach: “Hello my dear. I’d like to have a chat with you sometime in the near future.. I’m thinking of a special shoot of me and Meg so you’d have to keep it secret is that possible?”

Immediate Response from Me: “Of course! I’d love to.”

Three days pass by. THREE days. Of me waiting, checking my messages, trying not to send a message to Zach in case he was with Megan and she would see the message, in turn ruining whatever surprise Zach wanted to do for her. Finally, the wait was killing me and I asked him what was up. He spilled his plan of a proposal for Megan. Over the next 9 days we communicated via text, mostly while he and Megan were working (so there was no way she could catch on). Zach planned to propose on his birthday, a day that she would be completely unsuspecting. I knew that it was a day I would be spending with my son but I had planned on asking Megan and Zach to meet us at the beach since we were already in town playing. Then it rained. It poured. I was waiting for Megan to say that she wanted to reschedule, or just not come by. I was waiting for her to ask what the heck I was doing bringing my son to the beach in the crazy weather. I texted Megan, then Zach, then Megan. It rained more. The rain would stop for about 5 minutes… then it would rain again. Harder this time. I told them to get to the beach ASAP, I wanted to get some awesome shots but maybe even just some couples photos in the rain. We waited… and waited for the rain to slow enough for me to be willing to go out with my camera. I had to eventually grab an umbrella and say “Let’s just go!”. So, we did.


Zach’s cue was when I asked him to whisper in her ear, and then the moments happened. She thought he was just being lovely, romantic. She giggled at me and assumed he was being silly. Then he asked her to be his wife. All of the photos you see are completely real, unposed moments. That’s what I love most about these shots – the complete joy and happiness that fills me when I look at them. Because this is how it happened and I am almost certain that neither of them remembers the exact moments following the “Yes!” that Megan FINALLY yelled. And please trust me…. it seemed like hours passed by before she realized this wasn’t a dream and said yes. megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0001megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0002megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0003megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0004megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0005megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0006megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0007megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0008megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0009megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0010megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0011megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0012megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0013megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0014megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0015megandzach engagement cape elizabeth maine_0016


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