Chloe and Andy (also known as Schwenk, as preferred) had the most guest-centric wedding I’ve ever been a part of. And by that I mean they wanted to celebrate their day with their guests and spend as much time as possible with them – so THAT is what they did. Their wedding started with a cocktail party, pre-ceremony, as guests arrived. They walked 5-10 minutes down a gorgeous driveway to Chloe’s parent’s home (or compound, as it’s also referred to). Most of their guests were from out of state (as the bride and groom are, also) so they planned for everyone to enjoy the property and go for boat rides before the ceremony began. As the first cocktail party ended, Chloe went to the cabin on the property to change into her wedding gown while guests wandered over to the ceremony location. After a stunning ceremony (with so many of their friends and family included) they disappeared with me for about 10 minutes to take a couple of photos… then back to their guests! This cocktail party was just as beautiful as the first (and the light was even better). The tent was decorated to perfection by She Luxe Weddings and the sun went down as family toasted to the bride and groom. After dinner (Fire and Co makes my belly happy – hire them) Sounds Buono had the crew dancing all night (after an ice cream truck made an appearance) ;) . Guys, this wedding made my soul so happy. I felt like I was truly photographing a celebration. So Chloe and Schwenk, THANK YOU. Thank you for listening to Heidi and choosing me to be your photographer. I hope you love these photos of the day as much as I do!

nancy SNyder

Your Profile in your leading photo looks just like mady. Congratulations! It looks like it was an amazing day.

Matt wolff

Beautiful setup! Love the greenhouse dinner area. Well-conceived. Congratulations!!

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